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Wick St Lawrence, United Kingdom
Updated17/06/2019 09:31 

About Wick St Lawrence Weather


The weather station is located within the new housing estate on Ebdon Grounds. The actual sensors are located in the back garden with no limiting factors within 10m of any sensor. The site is about 24ft above sea level and is approximately 7 miles from the threshold of the 09 runway at Bristol Airport.


Station Equipment

The station is equiped with a Davis Instruments Vantage Pro 2 weather station with solar sensor ( The data is collected in near "real-time" by an IP Link datalogger and transferred via the local network directly to a virtualised Windows 7 Pro machine which runs Weather Display Software ( The website is updated whenever the data has changed and is hosted via a virtualised Centos 6 machine. Aircraft positional data is gathered using a Kinetic SBS-1e ( and published to the web via Flight Radar 24 (


Data Sharing

Our weather data is shared with Weather Underground, The UK Met Office, AWEKAS and CWOP. The Data is also shared with other local sites around the Bristol area. Our Aircraft Positional data is shared with other users of Planeplotter software and is directly published to and FlightAware.


Future Plans

Add a UV sensor to the station sensor array.
Add a soil temperature sensor to the station sensor array.
Add a Blitzortung System RED lightning detector system to replace the Nexstorm system.
Aquire WXSim for local weather forecasting.
Add a News page to the website.